It’s Christmas

Hey kid, go buy yourself something nice with someone else’s money…you deserve it!

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One Response to It’s Christmas

  1. Yes, Christmas is a time of wonderment, is it not? Our holiday got kicked off with the prima donna demanding that we change our plans immediately because she was coming down the hill with clueless hubby and expat daughter in tow. She determined that 2pm Christmas Eve would be her witching hour, so Mommy had better be there. When we tried to explain that 24 hours notice of such a visit was not sufficient, that we had already made plans, she would have none of it. After all, who are WE to say no to HER? She deems it to be her desire, and so it shall be. Unquestioned.
    Well, her brother (my husband) did not take kindly to being told he was expected to change his Christmas Eve plans with their mom. He suggested Sis could come over on Christmas Day or the day after or pretty much any other day. But 2pm Christmas Eve was simply not convenient. We had plans.
    Sister, being the ruler of the family universe for so long, momentarily forgot she is no longer large and in charge. She simply would not take “No” for an answer. But little brother persisted. So she put her 70+ year-old husband on the phone and guess what!
    The husband threatened to come down and FIGHT my husband! Yessir. It was trailer trash city here in our neighborhood on December 23rd.
    While most sane, rational people who are not involved in inheritance hijinks were out finishing their shopping or wrapping gifts, we were busy filing a police report! Next step is a restraining order against the old clueless dude (he obviously does not know he’s fighting on the wrong side here).
    It just gets better and better. Can’t hardly wait for 2012 and the grand finale of our lawsuit. And/or my mother-in-law’s death. Not sure which one is more eagerly anticipated in our house anymore. That’s how utterly sick and depraved this has made us.
    Here’s wishing you and your money-grubbers a delightfully prosperous New Year, Jeannie!

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