H1N1 Heisters Heaven

Wonderful…wonderful news! Scientists have found a way to make bird flu more contagious to humans.  News like that could provide multitudinous opportunities to Thieves w/PhDs.  

Bird Flu, like any flu, is more deadly if the elderly catch it.  So wash your hands, buy some surgical masks, volunteer at the senior center.  Work the room and make friends with anyone who looks a little pale, shaky and who needs help signing in — if things go well — a H1N1 senior center windfall could be heading this way.

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2 Responses to H1N1 Heisters Heaven

  1. No self-respecting Thief would leave such an important infection to chance. Much more efficient to go straight for the jugular with HIV, don’t you think?
    BTW, happened to read the DSM IV definition of Sociopath this morning. A rape victim was wondering aloud “why” and wanted some reading from the rapist’s perspective. Like he’s gonna have that level of self-introspection. NOT! Just like our clever, cunning c-words. The best they can offer is they deserve it and they’re entitled. I believe the textbook mental health classification is SOCIOPATH. I had a lovely romp through DSM IV as a result and came away feeling vindicated in my armchair psychologist abilities. I wonder if the judge will be as fascinated as I am (?)

  2. jeannieology says:

    I have some interesting news myself it has to do with the DA which stands for District Attorney and video tapes from a bank…Yippppeeee

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