Don’t fall into the reflecting pool

Playwright, literary critic and poet T. S. Eliot once wrote:

Half the harm that is done in this world

Is due to people who want to feel important

They don’t mean to do harm ­ 
But the harm does not interest them.

Or they do not see it, or they justify it

Because they are absorbed in the endless struggle

To think well of themselves.

And so it is for Thieves with PhDs like you! For years you felt really important catering to the psychotic behavior of someone with a different hairdo, but with a narcissistic personality similar to yours.  A person like you who thought they were good, never considered their actions hurtful, couldn’t see it…always justified it and, like you, spent a lifetime “absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves” by demeaning others.

It makes sense that you’d draw near to one and other. It’s in the blood, narcissism, it is.  However, oftentimes when narcissistic thieves attempt to make off with the booty, they run up against familial barriers, those with a genetically-diluted propensity to narcissism  neutralized by father or mother not afflicted with the disease of  falsely “believing you and yours are better than others.”

Those who suffer from the fallout of narcissist-inflicted damage, are usually shocked ex-heirs, without personality disorders who had no idea, until Mom’s other kidney shut down, that someone they trusted removed a kidney and sold it on the open market for money they pocketed.

Individuals who, for 60+ years, up-and-until you convinced Moms or Pops to insert your name into the executor slot on the new will you helped them draw up, were the rightful inheritors.  Gullible, men and women who were depending on their deceased father’s hard work, and heartfelt wishes, to ferry them through old age, which is exactly how Dad said he wanted it to be on the Last Will and Testament you so generously helped mother set fire to.

But who cares about that old dead guy? Another dead guy, Adolf Hitler once said: “What good fortune for those in power that people do not think,” until its usually too late.

With that in mind if, during the process the family member you’re backstabbing should happen to catch you, although it can be like mud wrestling for a spell, there are steps one can take to protect stashed swag.

Thieves with PhDs should always remember that the ‘Nice guy,’ who is really a ‘bad guy’ fooled them all once before, so, its highly likely, one way or another, a ‘false self’ will find a way to emerge triumphant, spoils in hand!

Here are some basic narcissistic conquest rules that always work when dealing with lowly beings who have a tendency to play fair:

  • Stick to your story, even if it’s exaggerated;
  • Refuse to bend, because why should you give in to people who are jealous of you and
  • Hold the line, because God knows you’re special and claiming what isn’t yours is just acting naturally.

Taking advantage of others is an inborn trait, which is great for you and tough luck on the sucker you got over on.

If wavering at any point, draw on that treasure trove of core narcissistic strength, which always helps in convincing yourself that you deserve more goodies than anyone else, you earned them, and you’re the only one who ever really cared for a person who you know cared for no one but them self.

Pretend that no one notices that just like your late, great patron you both, for a lifetime, shared:

  • a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations;
  • a interpersonally exploitative relationship that took advantage of others to achieve your own ends
  • and both lacked empathy: and were unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others.

So there you have it, two lives collide and narcissistic destiny shows extreme favor on one of the two. One narcissist spends their life, “fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness…exaggerating her own achievement or talent…expecting constant praise and admiration…and demanding her grown son go along with her ideas and plans” and then, when he refuses to be controlled or submit, she punishes him by handing over his entire inheritance to another narcissist, who coincidently just happens to be you.

Sleep well little Narcissus and whatever you do don’t fall into the reflecting pool.

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2 Responses to Don’t fall into the reflecting pool

  1. Oh, you’re on a roll today. Good end to a solid week’s work!
    The true genius of narcissism is its infallible denial of any/all evidence contradicting the person’s known truth. So convinced is s/he that s/he is right, that there is no need to defend. I am right and you are wrong. That is the way I want it. And so it shall be.
    I have some truly comical examples from our own darling narcissist’s deranged (oops, of course I mean crystal clear) mind.
    Don’t fall into the reflecting pond is right. Do I hear an ECHO in here? I think I do!

  2. jeannieology says:

    Feel free to share some examples with those who need insight!

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