Coming Soon…

  • Tips for distracting yourself from the macabre while your benefactor takes an afternoon jaunt to the crematorium
  • How to smile while choking the financial life out of your victim
  • How to assume an asexual demeanor to really throw Gramps into further confusion
  • How to maintain a false ‘Love for Family Facade’ while pilfering an unsuspecting relative’s inheritance
  • How to circumvent the law and give ‘Elder Financial Abuse’ goons a run for their…uh, I mean a run for Grandma’s money
  • What is a proper ‘thank you’ for a slimy lawyer
  • How to destroy/plagiarize conversations between the elderly and rightful heirs
  • How to pick a priest as confessor who views stealing inheritances and rolling Grandpa out like frozen cookie dough small potatoes
  • What to tell the kiddies when they ask: “Mommy, how come we’re the only family on the block who can afford to buy a new car every year?”
  • How to pick out potential targets the next time an adipose-infused spouse’s gambling bill gets way out-of-hand

…and much, much more

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